BNR: Non-governmental credit rises 0.4 percent, this Aug

The balance of the non-governmental loan granted by the credit institutions rose by 0.4 percent in real terms, this Aug, compared with July 2009, up to the level of 198.682 billion lei, announced on Wednesday, the National Bank.

The credit in lei diminished by 0.2 percent, while the credit in hard currency expressed in lei rose by 0.4 percent, with the credit in hard currency increasing 0.6 percent.

On Aug 31, 2009, the non-governmental credit registered a 8.2 percent rise, or 3.1 percent in real term, compared with Aug 31, 2008, to the detriment of a 18.8 percent rise in the component in lei (minus 9.0 percent in real terms), and of a 4.5 percent rise of the component in lei or (minus 9.0 percent in real terms).

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