Corruption condemns you, new MAI campaign

The Anti-Corruption Directorate General in the Ministry of Administration and the Interior (MAI) launches a new anti-corruption campaign.
As its main preventive step, the above-mentioned campaign aims to make citizens aware of the risks implied by getting involved in acts or deeds of corruption, especially as regards bribe giving, reads a release MAI sent to Agerpres on Wednesday.

„Citizens must know that one of their main rights is to benefit by the services of a perfectly honest and professional administrative body, but at the same time they are duty bound to observe the laws and norms regulating the activity of the MAI structures,” also reads the above-mentioned source.

The campaign is financed out of the funds of the PHARE project „Development of the Anti- Corruption Directorate General in the Ministry of Administration and the Interior,” a project that is implemented in partnership with the German Federal Ministry of the Interior.

7,000 posters, 10,000 filers, 1,000 brochures, etc as well as 120 banners conveying anti¬corruption messages to be put on MAI buildings all over Romania were made in order to attain the aim of the campaign.
Moreover, they created an Internet page devoted to the campaign, which can be accessed at www.

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