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EC financial report: Romania, beneficiary of EU budget in 2008

The report on the European Union’s budget in 2008 carried on Tuesday, Sept. 22, by the European Commission (EC) shows that 14 member states, Romania included, were net beneficiaries of the budget last year.

The EU pledged budget in 2008 was of 130.9 billion euros, of which 116.5 billion euros were spent. In 2008 Romania was extended from the community budget as many as 2.9125 billion euros, namely 2.5 percent of the total of 116.5 billion euros spent that year and contributed 1.017 billion euros.

Examining the main two fields of EU spending, agriculture and cohesion, one may see that the expenditures in 2008 were similar to those of the previous years.

Last year, Romania was extended 1.060 billion euros as financial aid for agriculture, whereas the main beneficiary remained France with 10.014 billion euros, followed by Spain (7.083 billion euros) and Germany (6.60 billion euros). The overall funds in the EU reached 52.094 billion euros.

As regards the cohesion funds, Romania was extended in 2008 as many as 648.5 million euros. In this field Greece maintained, compared to 2007, the biggest part (4.7 billion euros), followed by Poland (4.6 billion euros), Spain (4.3 billion euros) and Italy (3.7 billion euros). The funds for this field in the European Union totalled 35.47 billion euros one year ago.

Romania spent 744.8 million euros when it comes to chapter ‘EU as a Global Actor’, the overall sum of the EU being of 1.147 billion euros. The 1.147 billion euros were spent in 9 countries, which joined the EU in 2004 and 2007.

Further 142.7 million euros were earmarked to Romania one year ago and 64 million euros to Bulgaria as compensations.
In the segment of competitiveness, Romania spent 36.4 million euros from the EU budget (out of an overall of 8.3 billion within the Union), in the administration field Romania spent 17.8 million euros and for citizenship – 14.3 million euros. Other 1.7 million euros were spend for freedom, security and justice.


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