Half of real estate classifieds posted on Internet are bogus, says imobialiare.ro official

Nearly 50 percent of the total classifieds posted on the Internet by real estate sellers are bogus, says director general Adrian Erimescu of the imobiliare.ro, one of the largest real estate web portals in Romania.

‘Nearly 50 percent of the classifieds posted on the Internet are bogus and very many of the remaining real ones are multiple postings,’ says Erimescu, quoted by daily Ziarul financiar.

A bogus classified means either the flat advertised does not exist, and it is posted by real estate agencies as a teaser, or the flat has been sold but the classified ad was not taken out of the site.

Where the classified proves not to be real, still standing and correct, the portal penalises its real estate clients. There are nearly 140,000 real estate classified ads posted on the imobiliare.ro portal that were updated in the past 30 days.
The final prices are currently 15-30 percent smaller than the ones posted by the sellers. The prices at which homes are currently traded are 50 percent smaller than in the first half of 2008.

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