Minister of Tourism Elena Udrea: Accusations in report prove dishonesty

The accusations in the report drawn up by the commission of inquiry headed by Ludovic Orban prove dishonesty, abusive and illegal behaviour, said Minister of Tourism Elena Udrea on Wednesday.

„The report is clearly abusive and illegal as is the entire activity of this commission. None of the addresses referring to the repeated violation of the law by this commission was analyzed and considered by the [ruling] Social Democratic Party and the [opposition] National Liberal Party, which have the majority in Parliament. I think we witness a slippage from democracy and cannot speak of the existence of a rule of law,” said Elena Udrea.

The commission on checking the sums spent by the Ministry of Tourism proposes the Chamber of Deputies to ask for the removal from office of Minister Elena Udrea as well as her prosecution for committing and inciting to the crime of abuse in office.

The commission also asks the Chamber of Deputies to request the prosecution of Minister Udrea for violating the law on the ministerial responsibility, considering her behaviour and attitude in relation to the activity carried out by the parliamentary body of inquiry.
According to the chairman of the commission of inquiry, Liberal Ludovic Orban, the final report was unanimously voted on and will be submitted to the standing bureau of the Chamber of Deputies on Thursday.

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