MPs on Thursday debate censure motion on single law pay

Romanian MPs on Thursday will debate the motion of censure initiated by the 121 MPs members of the National Liberal Party (PNL) and the Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania (UDMR) over the single paw law in the public system the Government assumed responsibility for on September 15.

In order to be adopted, the motion of censure needs 236 votes, that is half plus one out of the total of 471 votes. If the motion is adopted, the Executive will have to step down from rule.

The Social Democratic Party (PSD, partner in the governing coalition) considers the abovesaid motion of censure is senseless, the party’s spokesperson Bogdan Niculescu Duvaz said. In this party’s opinion, the law package the Government assumed responsibility for could be improved in the next six months by being discussed with the social partners.

The leader of the parliamentary group of the PD-L (Democratic Liberal Party, in the governing coalition) with the Deputies Chamber Mircea Toader last week announced the Democrat Liberals would vote with white and black balls openly, the same as they did in other occasions.

He rejected the information according to which a plan existed related to the discharge from the rule of the PSD, to be based on a positive vote of the PD-L on the motion.

‘There existed no such plan. I heard all kinds of scenarios, that we were going to blackmail PSD, that we wanted to support a motion of censure to push the Government step down from power. It is nonsense one to believe that a party who has a Prime Minister would demolish its own Government just like that,’ Toader said.

The Conservative Party (PC) announced it was going to vote for the motion of censure initiated by the Liberals and the members of the UDMR over the single pay law in the public system. The PC’s spokesperson Deputy Bogdan Ciuca was certain there would be no traitors among the members of the PSD+PC Alliance regarding the votes for the motion of censure.

The motion was submitted last week to the Standing Bureaus of the two chambers of the Parliament and was lectured on Monday before the plenary session by the Liberal Deputy Eugen Nicolaescu.
According to the signers of the motion, the single pay law includes so ‘negative’ provisions that it needs to be ‘blocked in order not to make people’s life even worse.’

They claimed the single pay law in debate was one that cannot be implemented while the country is still in economic recession, but one to be implemented during such times of economic growth, for only when the economy of a country is functioning the private sector has the power to assimilate the human potential released from the public sector.
According to the MPs from the PNL and the UDMR, with the adoption of the draft law the Government is ignoring the social solidarity principle, which is vital during such times of crisis.

‘With this normative act, the PSD-PD-L coalition encourages the social imbalance and promotes discrimination between the different categories of personnel in the public system,’ the motion also reads.
According to the MPs who signed the document, the single pay law is a ‘bad law, which encourages the arbitrary,’ with the basic criteria for the pay scale being the political one.

The signers of the motion also said that a new pay law was indeed necessary in the public system, but not to be implemented right now. In their opinion, the normative act the Government assumed responsibility for ‘does nothing else but institutionalizes the robbery from the Romanians’ pockets.’

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