President Basescu meets representatives of notaries public

President Traian Basescu will receive on Wednesday, at Cotroceni Presidential Palace, the representatives of the National Union of the Notaries Public of Romania, said the Presidential Administration.

On the same day, the head of state will have talks with representatives of the Chambers of Court Bailffs and then with those of the National Union of the Practicians in Insolvancy of Romania.

Traian Basescu also held talks with representatives of the National Union of Romania’s Bars, on Tuesday, to whom he said that he wanted, through this talk, to be able to evaluate the effects of the protest of the magistrates.

„The reason of the meeting is only one: To be able to evaluate the impact of the inactivity or the reduced activity – I don’t say strike, because no strike can be made in Justice – of the judges and prosecutors on your activity and implicitly of those you represent in Justice,” said the head of state.

„At the end of these meetings, we will no doubt sent you the conclusions in writing, I will sent them also to the Government, to the extent to which governmental measures are necessary for going out of this blockage (…).

What I want you to understand very well is that our approach is that Justice does not limit itself strictly to judges and prosecutors and officers of the court, that is why I wanted to talk with the main categories which means the justice system in Romania,” Basescu stressed.

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