President Basescu: There are signs of economic effects of the magistrates’ strike

President Traian Basescu on Wednesday received officials of the National Union of Romanian Notaries Public at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace saying early in the meeting that first signs of economic effects of the ongoing magistrates’ strike have emerged.

‘I would like to know whether you have solutions to the blockage mounted by a state power, the judiciary. In fact, the crux of the problem is that 3 million people seeking justice have not received justice or solutions, beside the economic effects extremely high that have already started to emerge,’ said Basescu.

He thanked the notaries for answering the call to meet him to seek a solution to get out of the crisis, informing that on Tuesday he discussed the matter with officials of the National Union of Romanian Bars and is scheduled to meet officials of court officers and liquidators as well.

‘I am trying to consult with all the bodies that, in a way or another make or dispense justice or are connected to justice. The reason for the meeting is my wish to better understand what are the effects of the protest started by judges and prosecutors,’ said Basescu.

Chairman of the National Union of Romanian Notaries Public Viorel Mane scu voiced hope that notaries’ officials will be useful to the interest of the Romanian State, magistrates and citizens alike.

‘You can rest assured that we, as defenders of the state interests and the interests of the citizens will not spare any effort in seeking the best solutions. We have already come up with some suggestions we would like to make. We want these suggestions to ease up the unprecedented situation in Romania that is already damaging everyone.

We believe this is a very hard situation that has to be overcome using a maximum of efficiencies and solutions that are accepted by both sides,’ said Manescu.

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