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Presidential Administration: Debates on commission report distorted by media

Presidential Administration considers that debates on the sidelines of the report of Presidential commission on analyzing social and demographic risks in Romania has been distorted by media and excessive focus on various proposed measures for the limitation of drug consumption and spread of sexually transmitted diseases shaded the amplitude of the problems signalled in this report.

„Given the distortion by media of the debates on Presidential commission report on analyzing social and demographic risks, the Public Communication Department of the Presidential Administration wishes to specify the following: this report is an ample document on the risks and social inequities in Romania, approaching issues of maximum social relevance as poverty, unemployment, opportunity and resources gaps between rural and urban zones, the inefficient social protection system, or the accelerated downward trend in the population’s number”, says the release remitted by the Presidential Administration.

At the same time, the release informs that alongside these fundamental problems the independent experts commission presented eventual actions for „limiting some other steadily increasing phenomena, as drug consumption and spread of sexually transmitted diseases”, young people being the first victims.

„These problems are serious. But the Presidential Administration thinks that the excessive focus on these two aspects casts a shade on the amplitude of social issues signalled by this report, their solving needing a large debate. The commission analysis is no plea as it is not an attack against the values, but a scientific analysis of these serious phenomena.

As a proof is the specification made by the authors at page 249, namely that „a series of studies conducted in the states where prostitution was legalized show that the measure did not have the hoped for effects as regards the reduction of negative consequences of the commercial sex upon the persons involved”, says the same release.

As well, it is noted that all presidential commissions function based on independency principle, starting from the need to make available a non-political expertise to the state authorities and to the public opinion.

„Variants proposed by the experts commission must make the object of an honest public debate, with the participation of the political class, representatives of the medical community, of the judicial, representatives of the religious cults and of non-governmental organizations”, the release also stressed in conclusion.

Disincrimination of the drug consumption, and not of the traffic, was one of the proposed measures by the commission in view to „raise to surface consumers and limit the illegal drugs consumption”. The document also notes that incrimination of consumption produces serious secondary effects as re-use of syringes which leads to the transmission of diseases.

Commission members also said that legalization of commercial sex (not of those mediating sex services) could be a possibility of control of sexually transmitted diseases.


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