Titus Corlatean hopes problems in relation with Republic of Moldova will be solved shortly

Head of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the Romanian Senate Titus Corlatean voiced his hope that all the problems currently existing in the relation between Romania and the Republic of Moldova would be solved in the shortest while,in the context of the change of rule in Chisinau, with Republic of Moldova to become again ‘a real partner’ for Romania.

Corlatean, who is currently paying an official visit to the Republic of Moldova, met several Chisinau officials, including the interim President, the President of the Parliament in Chisinau, Mihai Chimpu, the designated Premier Vlad Filat and leaders of the political parties making the Alliance for European Integration coalition, holding majority in the Parliament.

Referring to the matter of the visas necessary for the Moldovan citizens entering Romania, Corlatean explained at a press conference there existed certain commitments of Romania with the EU requesting the visa, also mentioning that the authorities in Bucharest are currently making all the efforts to convince the authorities in Brussels to exempt the Moldovan citizens at least from proving they have 500 euros available in an account, before allowing them to cross the border, at least until Romanian enters the Schengen Space.

He also said that the first talks on this matter were held two weeks before at a meeting of the heads of the committees on foreign affairs of the Parliaments of EU member states.

Corlatean stated Romania would continue to support the Republic of Moldova on its way to EU accession. ‘The first messages from Brussels related to the new Government in the Republic of Moldova were positive,’ he said, also mentioning that the new rule in Chisinau was indeed a democratic and pro-European one.

The Romanian official also voiced his believe that, in the shortest while, probably in the following two months, Romania and the Republic of Moldova would send ambassadors to Chisinau and Bucharest respectively.

Moreover, he said that he was certain of the possibility of conclusion in the shortest while of the Arrangement on the small cross-border traffic ‘to allow not only an easier access of the Moldovan citizens to Romania, but also the attraction of cross-border funds.’

Titus Corlatean stated that the Republic of Moldova and Romania might sign both the Basic Treaty and the Border Treaty soon, taking into account that Chisinau will be now ‘a real partner’ for Romania.
The official visit of Corlatean to Chisinau was the first of a Romanian official to Moldova, after the introduction of the visas in April.

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