Tourism Minister Elena Udrea says she is not going to resign

Tourism Minister Elena Udrea said on Wednesday she was not going to resign, because she saw no reason why.

‘I have no reason to resign. On the contrary, I think that everything what the think-tank I took over for the former government and I, have done at the Tourism Ministry, during the nine months since I was appointed the Minister of Tourism, means immensely to the Romanian tourism, and I think our activity will have the effect, we have expected, and it will reach its goals, namely we will succeed to bring the Romanian tourism the growth we wish,’ said Udrea at the Victoria Palace (the Romanian Government’s headquarters), after the Parliament’s Committee investigating the MT expenditures, asked her dismissal.

Udrea reaffirmed that her goal is to make Romania an attractive travel destination both nation and worldwide. Elena Udrea added that PM Boc, her colleagues ministers and she had not talked about the report the Investigation Committee drew up.

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