Udrea commission proposes removal from office of Minister of Tourism

The commission on checking the sums spent by the Ministry of Tourism proposes the Chamber of Deputies to ask for the removal from office of Minister Elena Udrea, as well as her prosecution for committing and inciting to the crime of abuse of office.

According to the conclusions of this report, the members of the parliamentary inquiry forum asks the Chamber of Deputies to approve the request of removal of Elena Udrea from Minister of Tourism office.
The commission asks the Chamber of Deputies to request the prosecution of Minister Udrea for abuse of office against public interest, as stipulated by Art. 248 of the Penal Code. Likewise, the commission asks for Elena Udrea’s prosecution for conflict of interest, according to Art. 253 of the Penal Code and for negligence in spending public funds – Art. 249 of the Penal Code.

The Commis ion asks the Chamber of Deputies to request the prosecution of the Minister of Tourism for the violation of the law on ministerial responsibility, given Elena Udrea’s attitude towards the inquiry forum.
The commission headed by Liberal Ludovic Orban asks the removal from office of the president of the National Regulatory and Supervisory Authority for Public Procurement (ANRMAP) Cristina Traila.

The commission asks the Chamber’s plenary to approve the notification of the Prosecutors’ Office with the High Court of Cassation and Justice for an investigation of law breaking by the people who signed on behalf of the minister of tourism.
The commission urges the Chamber to approve and notify ICCJ Prosecutors’ Office for investigating the fraud committed by MT employees on the occasion of the budget execution and for abuse of office when running acquisition procedures for „Easter in Bucovina” Programme.

Commission members asks the Chamber of Deputies to approve the notification made by Romania’s National Bank for an inquiry into the legality of rescheduling and the setting up of a rescheduled date for a BRD Societe Generale credit taken by Minister Udrea.
The inquiry forum asks for the approval of the notification of the National Agency of Fiscal Administration (ANAF) related to the running of a contract between MT and Eurofilm Art.

The commission asks for the notification of the Court of Accounts approval related to the verification of MT budget execution and of the opportunity and legality of public money spending on the occasion of „Romania, land of choice” campaign in Paris.

The forum headed by Ludovic Orban asks for the verification of public money spending related to the international publicity contracts with Eurosport and CNN on „Eastern in Bucovina” programme, „Light on the seaside” event as well as the concert given by Goran Bregovici and Wedding Funeral Orchestra in Mamaia (Black Sea resort).
According to the commission’s chair, the report was voted unanimously and will be forwarded to the Chamber of Deputies Standing Bureau.

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