3,510 ANL houses to become state’s private property

The Government approved on Wednesday, in its weekly meeting, to pass some 3,510 apartments built through the National Housing Agency (ANL) which could be delivered to the young tenants, to the private property of the state, the minister of Regional Development and Housing, Vasile Blaga, said.

The purchasers of these apartments should pay the entire price at the sale’s moment, and the tenants should not have another apartment. Likewise, the titular could benefit just once from the right to buy an ANL apartment and cannot sell it five years since the purchase date.
The average income on each family member should not exceed the average gross salary on economy.

Minister Vasile Blaga specified that currently about 11,500 apartments out of the 24,500 already built by the ANL could be sold. He said that this year the authorities will erect some 6,000 houses, thrice more than in the previous years, out of which 3,750 through the ANL.

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