Basescu wants referendum on unicameral Parliament

President Traian Basescu on Thursday requested the approval of the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies for organizing a referendum on the day of the presidential elections by which the Romanians should be consulted about setting up a unicameral Parliament with 300 members at most.

The head of state said on Thursday, at Cotroceni Palace, that the state must be further reformed, an essential element being the public spending cuts.
He welcomed the fact that the Government assumed its responsibility on the three bills, which contribute to the state reformation, but underlined that this is not sufficient, representing just a beginning.

„We must do more, so that the public money reaches development programmes”, said Basescu.
According to the head of state, a number of 300 MPs at the most would also lead to curbing corruption because there will be less top politicians who might abuse their office.
Basescu explained that the reformation of legislative could cut a privileged class who appropriated special income and pensions.

The head of state maintained that, through this referendum call he could fulfill promises made at the start of his mandate aimed at state’s modernization, under conditions in which he failed to find understanding from the political class for adapting the Constitution to the country’s reality.
„I have the obligation to continue my approach by using Constitutional, legal means”, underlined Traian Basescu.

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  1. Robert spune

    Uniunea Europeana recomanda ca pana in 2013 sa existe parlament bicameral pentru toate statele membre.
    Cine nu se conformeaza va pierde fonduri.
    Concret daca Basescu face referendum si este aprobat de populatie nu poate intrerupe mandatele actuale
    ale parlamentarilor care au fost alesi uninominal pe patru ani.
    O lege nu poate actiona retroactiv.
    Deci aplicabilitatea va fi din a doua jumatate a anului 2012.
    Pentru maxim 6 luni ca dupa aia intram in 2013 si trebuie sa ne supunem recomandarii UE sau sa o luam in mana in privinta fondurilor europene.
    Deci la inceputul lui 2013 ar trebui alte alegeri ca sa fim bicamerali.

  2. Necosntitutional spune

    Chiar daca Curtea de Apel Bucureşti a decis ca Referendumul de duminică este legal, ramane o problema de moralitate si eficacitate la care dvs. trebuie sa reflectati:
    – „lipsa de egalitate dintre candidaţi”, presedintele in functie fortand dreptul constitutional la referendum pentru a obtine un potential avantaj in cursa prezidentiala;
    – ”lipsa de promovare” a ambelor variante de vot la referendum, lipseste alegatorii de posibilitatea cunoasterii avantajelor/dezantajele temelor supuse votului;
    – ”lipsa de eficacitate” –orice solutie ar fi votata in urma referendumului, modificarea Constitutiei nu se poate face decat prin organizarea unui nou referendum;
    – ”cheltuirea banului public” – se vor cheltui cel putin 10 mil RON pentru un referendum ineficace!

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