Gov’t established 3,500 special polling stations

Citizens who will not be in the locality of residence on the elections’ day might vote in special polling stations, established nationwide, the Government decided on Wednesday, adopting a package of eight normative acts which regulate the presidential elections.

Vice-premier Dan Nica said that by the Government’s decision, as many as 3,500 polling stations were established nationwide in which are expected to vote only those citizens who will not be in locality of residence on the day of elections.

The polling stations are especially numbered and their limits especially settled, said Minister of Administration and the Interior Dan Nica, adding that the citizens who will vote in the special stations will sign a declaration at their own risk in which they admit of being aware that multiple vote is punishable by prison sentence.

Minister of Administration and the Interior also stressed that web cams connected to computer will be set in all these special polling stations.
This step has started more than one month ago, by connecting prefectures and the Ministry of Education. Placing web cams does not entail additional costs, because the ones that are available will be used.

All the documents, statements and CDs with the 14 hours of recording will be handed over to central electoral bureaus and permanent authorities.
The first round of the presidential elections is scheduled for November 22 and the runoff for December 6.


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