Liberals inform CCR related to education and restructuring of public institutions laws including unconstitutional elements

The Liberals informed the Constitutional Court about the unconstitutionality of certain provisions of the laws on national education and public institutions restructuring the Government assumed responsibility for last week, the Vice leader of the parliamentary group of the National Liberal Party (PNL) with the Deputies Chamber Eugen Nicolaescu said.

‘We have submitted together with the Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania (UDMR) a notification to the Constitutional Court about certain unconstitutional provisions of the national education and restructuring of the public institutions laws,’ Nicolaescu said.
According to him, what Liberals want is to draw the attention on certain ‘unqualifiable abuses’ the Boc Government made, in Nicolaescu’s opinion, ‘in its hurry and superficial judging’ when it assumed responsibility for the abovesaid two laws.

The Liberal Deputy also added, with respect to the law on the restructuring of the public institutions, that one of the said unconstitutional provision would be that forbidding the adding of the salary to the state pension. Nicolaescu reminded that the Constitutional Court had already delivered a decision of unconstitutionality related to this matter.

The Liberal identified also another possible unconstitutional element, specifically the article over the unpaid holiday of 10 day in the public system. In Nicolaescu’s opinion, the provision denies the citizens ‘the right to work and fair wage for their work.’
With regards to the education law, Eugen Nicolaescu came with several examples of provisions the Liberals consider unconstitutional.

‘There exist also an article of the education law related to the baccalaureate examination, according to which the graduates in the public education system will benefit free of charge of the possibility to give their exam two times, while the graduated in the private education system will have the right to give his/hers exams free of charge only one time. Such criteria are against the principle of equal rights among the citizens,’ Nicolaescu explained.

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