Minister Predoiu: We need a resolute and courageous general prosecutor

Referring to his own suggestion to reinvest Laura Codruta Kovesi as general prosecutor, Minister of Justice and Civic Freedoms Catalin Predoiu told the Thursday meeting of the Supreme Council of Magistrates (CSM) that Romania needed a resolute and courageous general prosecutor.
Predoiu described Kovesi as being able to work in a team but also to say „no” when necessary.

„I wish to have general prosecutor who should work in a team, who should be respected by the system but who should say ‘no’ to the system when it is necessary. I wish to have a general prosecutor who should know his or her profession but who should be able to understand society beyond the judicial system.

Mrs Kovesi deserves to be reinvested in order to continue the actions meant to reform the Public Ministry,” said Predoiu, who added that Laura Codruta Kovesi would have a number of important challenges in the future.

Predoiu also said that Kovesi turned out to be consistent in combating corruption and thought that the general prosecutor should be an emblematic, independent and courageous person.

„There is still much to do in order to have a fully efficient Public Ministry, adapted to the needs it is meant for. I think that the incumbent general prosecutor can develop things in this direction …

In the years to come I think we shall witness the radical restructuring of the Public Ministry starting from the current imbalances and the needs to combat high or low profile infringements of the law.”

The Minister of Justice mentioned again the fact that Laura Codruta Kovesi took over as general prosecutor under difficult circumstances when the Public Ministry was a „frightened and paralyzed” institution.

Some of the measures taken by the current general prosecutor, which were mentioned by the Minister of Justice, are the promotion of a new code of regulations and the reduction of bureaucracy.

Catalin Preodiu said that the activity of the general prosecutor was appreciated in the country report of the European Commission, „a thing that proves remarkable diplomatic abilities.”

„The repeated positive remarks made on the general prosecutor in the country report on justice published by the European Commission indicate not only a substantial activity carried out by her, but also remarkable diplomatic abilities, a thing that is very important in such a position. Any effort made by the team for a good country report and for lifting the monitoring is a step in support of Romania’s national interest,” added Predoiu.

He said that he could not overlook the performances of the general prosecutor in urging the combating of delinquent activity in information forging and piracy and organized crime, efforts that implied a successful international judicial cooperation, which made her foreign colleagues thank and give her a positive appreciation.

Catalin Predoiu said that the most important guidelines followed by the head of the Public Ministry were in the field of penal policies, the involvement in the unification of the judicial practice, steps in order to meet the requirements for joining the European Union.

Laura Codruta Kovesi also got involved in the reorganization of the National Anti-Corruption Directorate, which had an impact on attaining the aims of the mechanism meant to lead to cooperation and to checking the progress made in the reform of the judicial system and in the struggle against corruption, a mechanism that was established by the European Commission.

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