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Minister Puscas attends conference on „Prospects for the European Innovation Plan”

Minister for European Affairs Vasile Puscas participates on Thursday in the inter-ministerial conference on the „Prospects for the European Innovation P lan”, organized and chaired by the European Union (EU) Swedish Presidency, organized at the European Parliament, in Brussels, the Department for European Affairs (DAE) informs in a release.

According to the release, the EU Swedish Presidency’s initiative is to offer the present personalities the occasion to discuss possible political directions in the research field, as part of the post-2010 Lisbon Strategy. Debates will be focused on the development of research and innovation policies, both national and community, when defining the post-2010 guidelines.

In this context, the accent is to be laid on the development of the European Research Space, related to the „knowledge triangle” (education, research and innovation).

Minister Vasile Puscas considers that „an essential element for the development of research in Romania is given by the Romanian universities potential, alongside the European ones, which should outcome the traditional rigidity and prove a more dynamic attitude towards societal priorities, by backing education, research and innovation, which enhance competitiveness in a globalized world”.

„The same as all over the EU the need for structural reforms is recognized, and there are states where the universities reform is underway, set to transform them into genuine multinationals in the field of knowledge and competitiveness, in Romania too the speeding up of the restructuring of scientific research infrastructure and a clear orientation towards major projects of Romanian society modernization are a must”, stated the Minister for European Affairs, according to the release.

Attending the conference are personalities of the political and academic circles from the EU member states.

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