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MPs approve by unanimity of vote setting up of justice committee

The plenum of Parliament voted, on Thursday, by unanimity of vote, the setting up of the special committee for the analysis of the situation in justice, a forum to be presided by Social-Democrat Florin Iordache, seconded by MP from the Democratic-Liberal Party, PD-L Iulian Urban, in his capacity as vice-president, and MP from the National Liberal Party Tudor Chiuariu, who is the secretary.

The committee was approved by unanimity of vote, but the PNL, by the voice of Sen. Puiu Hasotti, reproached the Democrat-Liberals that they are inconsistent.

‘The Liberal group will vote on the decision. We are consistent and we congratulate our colleagues from the PD-L that they have proven the same consistency we have been familiar with for so many years, because yesterday they did not agree with the setting up of this committee, but today they have changed their mind. I congratulate them and I am happy that we will work together,’ said Hasotti.

The committee is made up of Social Democrats Dan Sova, Victor Ponta, Florin Iordache, Viorel Stefan, Conservative Sergiu Andon, Democrat-Liberals Daniel Buda, Sever Voinescu, Iulian Urban, Gheorghe Ialomiteanu, Gabriel Andronache, Liberals Tudor Chiuariu, Eugen Nicolaescu, Teodor Melescanu, MP from the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania Mate Andras Levente and MP Ibram Iusein, from the group of the national minorities.

It is worthy of note that at the proposal of the parliamentary group of PD-L, from the project of setting up the committee eliminated has been the provision stipulating among the prerogatives of this forum the identification of possible undue interference, political among them, that could affect the principle of the separation of the state powers. Democrat Liberal MP Mircea Toader gave as a reason for his proposal the fact that the text in question ‘is very delicate’.

The PMs of the Social Democratic Party and the Conservative Party had the initiative of the setting up of the committee on justice, who are supported by members of the Liberal Party and the UDMR.

During the meeting on Wednesday of the Standing Bureaus, the PD-L MPs from the leadership of the Legislative opposed the project of setting up a new committee, on grounds that this would exceed the constitutional prerogatives of Parliament, with the Legislative being unable to have the role of mediator between the legal power and the executive power.


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