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PM Boc: State reform has to continue

Prime Minister Emil Boc told a parliamentary debate on Thursday that considered a motion of censure initiated by the opposition National Liberal party (PNL) and the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) that state reform has to continue in Romania, even if that entails political costs as well.

He urged the MPs to reject the motion of censure initiated by the members of the parties of the preceding Government, so as to avoid a slowdown in reform.

‘The incumbent Government has assumed political responsibility and in the process endangered its existences so that it come before you and ask for this draft law so necessary to the reform of the Romanian state. After 20 years, Romania can no longer afford delays. The Government of the PNL did not have the courage or the power to carry out these state reforms.

If they are not carried out, what we will do we will deepen crisis, keep in place privileges in the pay system and other systems and we will endanger the fair payment of wages and pensions in Romania,’ said Boc.
He mentioned that the procedure of Government assuming responsibility for the draft laws on education, uniform pay and the reorganisation of public bodies, was in full compliance with the Constitution.

‘It is true that there is a difference between the incumbent Government and its predecessor in that now there is political will to carry out these state reforms, to adopt fair and just laws for the 22 million of Romanians as well as to eliminate the privileges which you imposed in the pay system.
Given the circumstances and in order to avoid slowing down or even halting the state reform process, I am asking you, on behalf of the Government, to defeat the motion tabled by the former Government,’ Boc told Parliament.


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