PM Boc: The motion of censure, a self-motion against its initiators

Prime Minister Emil Boc told a parliamentary debate on Thursday that considered a motion of censure initiated by the opposition National Liberal Party (PNL) and the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) against Government having assumed responsibility for a uniform pay law in the public system that the motion is in fact a self-motion against its initiators.

Boc argued that most of the criticism levelled by the Opposition is in fact criticism against the former Government that did not have the capacity to promote similar draft laws.

‘Most of the criticism you are now levelling against us is in fact criticism against the former Government, which was incapable of promoting a similar draft law. On the other hand they are mistaken in not recognising that this draft law was based on the very things they proposed,’ said Boc.
In the same context, he argued that the former Government adopted a series of principles that underpin the uniform pay law and which were considered by the incumbent Government.

‘I want you to know that exactly the same principles were approved by the incumbent Government now in partnership with and following discussions with employers’ organisations and trade unions and we implemented them. When were those who governed the country until last year serious, when they suggested the principles and agreed on them or now when we, respecting the principles have the strength and courage to draw up the draft law?’ Boc asked.

Boc also mentioned that PNL had the courage to tackle pay in the public sector only when it was sure it can do nothing, that is on the verge of an election. He also criticised the motion’s signatories for their argument that a uniform draft pay should have been promoted in a time of economic growth, instead of a time of crisis.

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