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President Basescu meets representatives of academic circles over Justice situation

President Traian Basescu has received on Thursday, at Cotroceni Palace, representatives of the academic circles in the judicial field, saying that the topic is the situation in Justice, and that the last days he had consultations with representatives of the lawyers, notaries public, judicial executors and judicial liquidators.

„It deemed adequate that, prior to discussions with the Government, aimed at finding some solutions to surpass the deadlock, I must have consultations with personalities in the legal field, after having met in the initial stage the Upper Magistrates Council (CSM), lawyers, judicial executors, notaries public and judicial liquidators.

I confess that solutions are varied depending on the standpoint of those I have met and in any case solutions cannot be but absolutely Constitutional”, stated President Basescu.

The Ombudsman, Univ.Prof.Dr. Ioan Muraru, pointed out that the situation in justice does not affect the magistrates alone, but the citizens as well.
„I am honored by the opportunity you offer us, to express some points of view related to this issue, the judicial power and to the collateral issues because it is not only a question for the judicial power alone (…), but it is affecting a large number of people and the public authorities.

In fact I am in contact with these issues directly or indirectly as the Ombudsman”, stressed Muraru. Attending the meeting were Univ.Prof.Dr. Viorel Mihai Ciobanu, Univ. Prof.Dr.Valerian Cioclei, Univ.Prof.Dr. Ioan Stanomir, Univ. Lecturer Dr. Traian Briciu.

President Traian Basescu received on Wednesday, Sept. 23, at Cotroceni Palace, representatives of the National Union of Notaries Public in Romania, those of the Judicial Executors Chambers in Romania, as well as those of the National Union of Insolvency Practitioners in Romania.

On Tuesday the head of state also met the representatives of the National Union of the Bar Associations in Romania, telling all of them that through these consultations he was seeking to evaluate the magistrates’ protest effects.


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