President’s letter on referendum reaches Parliament

Letter of President Traian Basescu on the organization of a referendum on the unicameral Parliament has reached on Thursday the leadership of the Chamber and the Senate, representatives of both chambers told.

According to procedure, the letter is going to be debated in a reunited meeting of the standing bureaus.
Art. 90 of the Constitution says that „Romania’s President, after consulting the Parliament, can ask the people to express its will on issues of national interest, through a referendum”.

Art. 11 of the Referendum Law stipulates that the „issues to be voted on during a referendum and the organization date are established by Romania’s President through a decree”.

The same normative act stipulates that „the Parliament’s stand on the referendum initiated by Romania’s President is going to be expressed through a decision adopted in a joint sitting of the two chambers, based on the vote cast by the majority of deputies and senators”.

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