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Prosecutor General’s short and medium term priorities

Romania’s Prosecutor General Laura Codruta Kovesi, presented, in the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM) sitting, on Thursday, her priorities in the short and medium run, if she is reinstated in the position, mentioning inter alia a partnership with CSM and the takeover of the judiciary police.

Kovesi said that the Public Ministry (MP) should take over the judiciary police because the double subordination of the latter’s employees, administratively speaking and in terms of its criminal prosecution activity for institutions that can have different priorities, may lead to the decrease in the efficiency of this structure.

In her opinion, the natural solution is that the criminal prosecution bodies shall work within the same institution, under a single leadership.
Another priority will be to propose the Parliament shorter and simpler procedures aimed at shortening the time the court cases are given a decision and regulating new investigation techniques and alternative manner of settling the file cases.

Likewise, Romania’s Prosecutor General wants every action the prosecutor’s office stages to catch somebody in the act, shall be allocated own funds, and the prosecutor’s offices of the special law courts may hire experts able to conduct technical and scientific investigations like the National Anticorruption Directorate and the Directorate for Investigation of Organised Crime and Terrorism.

At the same time Kovesi wishes all the prosecutor’s offices to be connected to databases supplying useful information to the criminal prosecution activity, such as data about the criminal records, the persons’ registration, the car registrations, or the Commerce Registry.

She also plans to increase the number of registrars who are to take over part of the non-judiciary tasks currently incumbent to the prosecutors, and judges, contributing this way to shorter terms and settlement of the law cases.

Romania’s Prosecutor General also wants the legal cases to be e-filed in order to have the statistical data efficiently operated and an on-line library to be created, with a view to unifying the legal procedures in all the prosecutor’s offices. She also plans to consolidate the inter-institutional cooperation with the police structures, the law courts and the intelligence services.

The Public Ministry wants to get appropriate financial resources and the improvement of the public image of the activity the prosecutor’s offices carry out, Kovesi concluded.


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