Roberta Anastase: Basescu’s move fulfills long-time Romanians’ request

Chamber of Deputies Speaker Roberta Anastase announced on Thursday that the head of state letter referring to the organization of a referendum reached this legislative forum, adding that Traian Basescu’s initiative on the unicameral Parliament does nothing but puts into practice a long-time Romanians’ request.

„I am backing up this proposal because it is normal to do this as long as I, also as a candidate for Romania’s Parliament, promised my electorate (…) I will fight for Romania’s Parliament to become a unicameral institution. It is a topic we can also find in the governing programme and it is supported by the Democrat Liberal Party (PD-L, in the ruling coalition).

During talks with my electorate (…) I can tell that often they asked me to back up this project. President Traian Basescu’s move does nothing but puts into practice a request Romanians advance for a number of years. I am sure that a referendum would confirm this position”, said Anastase.

In her opinion, the move made by Romania’s President offers to the Parliament the opportunity to reform and to gain citizens’ trust.
According to the Chamber of Deputies Speaker, the letter received from the head of state will be forwarded to the Secretary general, to be included on the reunited standing bureaus agenda, and after that it is going to be debated by the plenary.

President Traian Basescu asked on Thursday the Senate’s Chairman and the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies approval for the organization of a referendum in the presidential elections day, so that Romanians can vote for the establishment of a unicameral Parliament, with 300 members at most.

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