Tariceanu: Law on uniform salary promotes communist equalitarianism

The uniform salary does not promote ‘equity but the communist equalitarianism,’ said leader of the group of the National Liberal Party, PNL, from the Chamber of Deputies Calin Popescu Tariceanu, during the debates on the censure motion signed by 120 MPs of the National Liberal Party and the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania, following the assuming of responsibility by the Government in front of Parliament for the unitary salary law.

‘This law is inequitable (…) Equitable means to recognize the values, on a hierarchy of salaries paying work. What happens with this law is not equity, but pure communism. It is regrettable that this law destroys the elites, promoting equalitarianism. A country is developed by its elites. It is a virtue to have elites, ‘ said Tariceanu.

The former PM was keen of stressing that the Liberals will oppose the salary law, saying that it is a new ‘cheating’ for the Romanians.
‘The uniform salary law is one of diminishing the salaries, the way it was last year, a cheating of the kind ‘ we increase your salaries by 50 percent, to win the election, but we next get them down. We will vote against the assuming by the Government on such a law,’ Tariceanu mentioned.

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