Vasile Puscas attends Competitiveness Council in Brussels

Minister for European Affairs Vasile Puscas takes part on Thursday and Friday in the Competitiveness Council’s meeting in Brussels, informs a release.

The Council’s agenda includes the adoption of measures for a better functioning of the Internal Market, the implementation stage of the Directive on Services and the development of the European Research Space, as well as aspects aimed at innovation based on research, in the attempt to offer a series of directions in the debate of the future post-2010 Lisbon Strategy.

„Improvement and perfecting the internal market will be the economic recovery engine in the European Union. In these difficult moments it is very important to improve its functioning to the benefit of the European citizens, as well as for the favorably re-position the European Union in the global competitiveness space”, stated Vasile Puscas.

The European Commission recommendation on the measures set to improve the functioning of the Internal Market brings at the forefront the identification and valuing of actions and good practices developed both at the level of community institutions and at the level of the member states.

„Romania considers the European Commission’s initiatives in the matter welcome and plans to develop to this end an inter-institutional cooperation and information exchange network, in the process of implementation of the Internal Market policies and regulations”, stated the Minister for European Affairs.

The Competitiveness Council will examine at the same time the implementation stage of the Directive on Services, an important instrument in favor of an integrated approach in this field on the Internal Market.

„Services connection to the European market will offer the Romanian citizens, both as providers and beneficiaries, an essential rise in competitiveness, set to lead to better services.

We realize that shortcomings will appear on the short term and that is why Romania’s Government started this year an intense preparation in view of the implementation of the Directive on Services”, added Minister Vasile Puscas.

Special attention will be given to the community policy in the field of innovation, competence development and steady formation of the human capital, as well as for securing the development of a fair and transparent competitive environment, which will also help small entrepreneurs to develop.

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