CSM President recommends magistrates stop of protests

President of the Upper Council of Magistrates, CSM, Virgil Andreies, ask the magistrates to put an end to protests, following the setting up of a parliamentary committee which will be in charge of their claims.

„As we are aware that a democratic society cannot survive for a long time without the balance justice offers, I am calling all the judges today to enter the court halls and the prosecutors to put an end to the protest, ” said, on Thursday, Sept 24, Virgil Andre ies, at the headquarters of the National Institute of Magistracy, INM.

The president of the newly set up committee, senator of the Social-Democratic Party, PSD Florin Iordache, president of CSM Virgil Andre ies, the interim president of the High Court of Cassation and Justice Lidia Barbulescu, Senate speaker Mircea Geoana, representatives of the Ministry of Justice, of the associations of magistrates and the civil society met late on Thursday, at the headquarters of INM. Present were also the signatories of the principles of the pact for Justice.

The interim president of ICCJ Lidia Barbulescu, saluted the signing of the principles of the Pact for Justice and said that they have to be learn also by the executive power.

„I believe that the protests of the magistrates are justified, because their requests are found in the Constitution, in the laws of this country. We want, first, to an European and independent act of justice,” Barbulescu added.

For his part, the president of CSM said that he regrets that the demarches of the General Assemblies and assumed by the CSM could be materialized only in a form of protest affecting the Romanian citizen.

„I am asking all the Romanian magistrates to stay watchful, so that the calendar of the achieving of the measures on average and long term, set in the Pact for Justice, to be observed ad litteram, so that what the Romanian magistracy got today be never lost.

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