Dacia 1300, world’s 10th longest manufactured automobile

Romanian Dacia 1300 automobile is the world’s 10th longest manufactured automobile in a ranking drawn up by the Jalopnik.com auto website, daily Cotidianul reports.

The car was built in an almost unmodified form for 37 years, 1969 to 2006. The model was commissioned in August 1969, patterned on a Renault 12 model. Initially, the model had just one body type, sedan, with 4 doors and 5 places.

The engine block had a cylindrical capacity of 1.289 cm. cube that developed a 54HP power and could reach a maximum speed of 144 km/h, for 9.4l in consumption. The model was later improved for higher performance.

In 1973, Dacia added a hunchback model and in 1975 a Dacia 1302 utility vehicle. Starting in 1976, the automobile was manufactures of components and sub-assemblies made in Romania. In its 37 years of production, Dacia 13000 was exported to five continents.

The first place in the Jalopnik.com ranking is taken by Volkswagen Type 1 (the Beetle), manufactured for 65 years, 1938 to 2003. Second came in Morris Oxford, manufactured for 55 years since 1945, and third Austin Mini, made between 1957 and 2000, for 43 years.

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