Industrial productivity falls four times over real salary

In the industry, starting with March 2009, the productivity followed an ascending trend, while its growth in April exceeded the advance in the real salary in this sector.

June and July marked real records as regards the relationship between productivity and the real salary, according to the data published by the National Institute of Statistics, INS. So, in June, the productivity rose by 4.4 times over the real salary, while in July, with the productivity reaching the most significant annual rise in the past 17 months, its advance was 4.2 times higher than that of the real salary in industry.

The advance of the work productivity in industry is not reflected also in the level of salaries, said Marius Garlea, general manager and the member of HR Club.

He also draws attention that until the increase in productivity, we will continue to look helpless at the fracture between productivity and salaries and the erosion of the trust in the quality of labour as a rise engine of the incomes.

In the sectors in which the decline of production will be higher, the salaries are expected to drop. The most affected areas will be the non-technological ones, that need investment. I believe the extractive industry, the computer making industry and that of electronics, the metallurgical industry will be most affected, ” said Garlea.

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