Liu Zengwen: Relations between China and Romania are example for states

Chinese ambassador in Bucharest Liu Zengwen said, in an interview for daily Adevarul, that he considers Romania, the country with which his country has excellent and traditional ones” as a gate to China, or one of the gates to the European Union.”

Because we value very much the relations of friendship and cooperation between the two countries, we are saying that Romania has become a NATO member state and we still have a new friend in the EU. Romania has been of help and it will even play a very important role in the EU, in the strengthening of the relations not only the bilateral ones but also the multilateral relations between China and the 27 member countries.

In this respect, I believe that Romania can play a very important role, said the Chinese ambassador, evoking the fact that they are shown in the political field, in the economy, in the cultural field, in the educational and military one, in the trade unions and in many other fields.

His excellency synthetized the historical period crossed: In this sixty years, the Chinese and the Romanian people showed sympathy, has supported each other, said we are good friends. We have relations for everything we want. Although on an international plane our statutes have changed radically, the relations of friendship and cooperation between the two countries developped continuously and strengthened by the day, in all fields.

According to his appreciation, the priority dimensions in the relation between Romania and China are the political one, whose development it anticipates as being still better in the future, the economic and commercial one based on mutual interest, as well as that in the infrastructure.

His excellency mentioned that China gathered experience in the field of infrastructure in the past 30 years, by reforms and the opening to the world abroad. „We have experince to builld motorways, we have experience for building high speed railways, we have experience in the building of bridges and airports.

For example, in Beijing and Shanghai, as well as in other cities, for the Olympic Games of last year, we have built many buildings and immense apartment buildings, said the Chinese ambassdor.

Also Liu Zeng Wen believes that in the future one can cooperate still better in the cultural and educational field, identified will be interest and common points of view in this respect.

On a local plan, between the cities and provinces of the two countries there identified have been common interests and points of view in this respect.
On a local plane between the provinces and the cities of the two countries identified have been 24 twinning relations.

This is a very important source for the development of the future relations, said the Chinese ambassador, the Chinese ambassador also said. This is a very important source for the development of the future relations, the Chinese ambassador also said.For the increase of the bilateral relations, the most important thing is the contact of the businessmen, considers his excellency.

The businessmen must make an exchage of experience, to have a contact. because the e¬mail, the fax, the telephone cannot replace this. people are needed for that, with sentiments and personal involvement, ambassador Liu Zengmen also said.

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