Minister Constantin Nita heads economic missions to Syria and Egypt

Minister for SMEs, trade and business environment Constantin Nita is to head two economic missions, to Syria and Egypt, in the period Sept. 26 through Oct. 1 this year, the ministry informs in a release received on Friday.

Constantin Nita had previously told that Syria and Egypt are part of the „market zone we are interested in and that we must re-conquer it”.
The current visits take place in the context of the implementation of a strategy of re-launching the economic relations with the countries in Africa and the Middle East.

The Minister will be accompanied by a delegation of experts and by an economic mission with the participation of 18 Romanian companies in various fields: telecommunications, chemical industry, pharmaceuticals, machine construction, oil equipment, farming equipment, IT, electronics. Members of the mission will have meetings with Syrian companies, respectively Egyptian ones, interested in the bilateral cooperation in Damask and Alep (Syria), as well as in Cairo and Alexandria (Egypt).

During the three-day visit to the Syrian Arab Republic, the delegation headed by SMEs Minister is to meet the Syrian Prime Minister, Muhamad Naji Otri, Finance Minister Mohammad Al Hussein, who is also the chairman of the Syrian side in the Joint Commission for Economic and Technical Cooperation, with Minister of Economy and Trade Amer Hosni Lufti and with Vice- president for economic issues with the Council of Ministers Abdallah Dardari.

As well, the Romanian Minister is to participate in the Business Forum organized by the Syrian Federation of the Chambers of Commerce, on the occasion of the Romanian economic mission presence in Syria’s Capital.

In the Arab Republic of Egypt, Minister Constantin Nita will have meetings with Minister for Trade and Industry Rachid Mohamed Rachid, Minister of state for special production Sayed Mesh’al and with President of the Egyptian Businessmen Association Hussein Sabbour, as well as with Vice- president of the Business Women Association in Egypt Omnia Fahmi.

In Egypt the delegation headed by Minister Constantin Nita is to take part in the Business Forum organized by the Egyptian Businessmen Association.

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