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Number of foreign tourists to Romania remains constant in 2009

The number of foreign tourists to Romania will not grow in 2009, as a 10-percent reduction was reported in the first six months of the year compared to the same interval in 2008, marketing and international relations with the Tourism Ministry, Carmen Moraru said on Thursday at Warsaw Tour&Travel Fair.

‘The number of foreign tourists to Romania in 2009 will not grow in the context of the tourism segment’s shrinkage worldwide, especially in countries of Central and Eastern Europe, where the fall was of 15 percent. In Romania the reduction was of 10 percent in H1, 2009 compared to the same period one year ago.

This was the outcome of the high rise in the number of foreign tourists to Romania in 2008 compared to 2007, of 30 percent, said the official of the Tourism Ministry.
Two companies represent Romania at the Tour&Travel Fair in Warsaw, which will end on Sunday. The fair gathers over 520 exhibitors from 56 countries.

The Romanian companies which display in Romania’s 21 sq.m.stand are Karpaten Turism and Carpathian Travel Adventure. Blue Air airline is present at the fair as specialist.

‘The two Romanian travel operators are offering Polish visitors especially cultural tourism. Romania’s participation in the fair represents the recognition of the Polish market for Romania. In 2008, there were 276,000 Polish tourist who visited Romania, up almost 45 percent compared to 2007,’ said Carmen Moraru.

Most tourists are coming to Romania from Germany, Austria, Italy, France, UK, Ireland, Hungary, Baltic countries and the United States. Poland is among countries with growth potential of the number of tourists.
On the occasion of the Tour&Travel Fair, Romania’s Tourism Office will open on Friday in Warsaw.


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