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Penal Net – project of online communication between Romanian lawyers and foreign ones

The lawyers from Romania have available for them, starting on Thursday, Sept 24, a new way of communication with their counterparts from Europe, through PenalNet, a project financed by the European Union, EU, reads a communique of Bucharest Bar.

According to the source, the project was launched in Madrid, and allows for the sending of information, through the Internet, with the lawyers specialized in criminal law benefiting from a computerized system and from an electronic signature, for accessing the data base.

„Due to a certified system based on European standards approved by the Bar Councils of the EU and on digital certification, PenalNet ensures the certainty that a lawyer is in contact with another lawyer, certified by the system, and he is the only one who has the right to access the data received (the information is sent encryptic and cannot be seen by somebody else, not even by the server).

Also, the system guarantees the fact that the exchange of information cannot be modified or rejected, ” reads the document.
In Romania, the Bucharest Bar Flavia Teodosiu believes that „for the Romanian lawyers this project could represent an extraordinary openness,” the more so as „we don’t yet have a smart card system where the lawyers in the Bars can cooperate and send among themselves confidential information, with the view of the defence of the interests of their clients.”

Penal Net is an initiative supported and co-financed by the Criminal Justice 2007, an initiative of the General Directorate of Justice, Freedom and Security of the European Commission, of whose development Consejo General of Abogacia (Union of the Bars in Spain), where there is the main server.

The programme was launched in cooperation with four partner bars: Conseil National des Barreaux, France, Magyar Ugyvedi Kamara, Hungary, Consiglio Nazionale Forense, Italy, and Bucharest Bar, Romania.


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