PSD President visits Iasi-based economic units

President of the Social Democratic Party (PSD, in ruling coalition) Mircea Geoana stated on Friday, in Iasi (east), that the re-organization process at SC „Fortus” SA will exclude medium-term redundancies.

Mircea Geoana said that new investors must be found, so that the former heavy machinery manufacturer Fortus SA can operate in good conditions.
„We convened (…) during talks with the management (of SC Fortus SA – editor’s note) to make an effort in order to discover new markets, which will allow continuation of activity and to keep on the jobs”, Mircea Geoana underlined during a visit paid to the plant accompanied by AVAS President Mihai Ursache, Minister of Labor Marian Sarbu and Minister of Education Ecaterina Andronescu.

As for the plots of land in possession of Fortus SA, Geoana said that they can be used as an industrial park zone, Iasi having none of the kind.
„This restructuring programme allows us to keep on the jobs in the following two years. (…) At the same time I will ask the ministers of Trade and of the Administration and Interior to consider the development of an industrial park there”, Geoana also said.

At the same time, PSD President emphasized the importance of collaboration between Fortus SA management and the Technical University, noting that part of the work force represented by higher education graduates can be absorbed at present by this company. He also said that younger generations of specialists must be trained.

Mircea Geoana paid on Friday a visit to the former Fortus SA plant, in ongoing re¬organization. This visit was followed by another one at the sole antibiotics factory in the country, „Antibiotice” Iasi, where he had a meeting behind closed doors with the company representatives, the city mayor Gheorghe Nichita and representatives of the local medical authorities.

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