PSD supports granting of visas to youth with small incomes

President of the Social Democratic Party, PSD, Mircea Geoana, said on Friday, in Iasi, north-east of Bucharest, that the Social Democrats are for supporting the youth with small and medium sized incomes, for them to be able to get a house, with the PSD submitting in this respect a project with Parliament last week.

On a visit to the ANI apartment buildings, from a district in the city of Iasi, Geoana showed content with the effort of the municipality to help the evacuated people from the nationalized houses and return them to the former owners, as well as to the persons living on small incomes.
Geoana mentioned that this effort of the town city, led by Social Democrat Gheorghe Nichita should be completed and amplified at national level, but with a rent.

The Romanian state has the obligation to introduce a national rent fund, fully equipped, and possibly subsidized where there are small incomes,” said Geoana.

According to the Social-Democrat leader, ” the building of houses has as an effect, the integration and development on the horizontal of the investment and the social problems related to the jobs.

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