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Romania plans to organize next year regional seminar on electoral assistance

Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs Cristian Diaconescu participated in the Ministerial Meeting of the Community of Democracies, held in New York on the sidelines of the United Nations Organization General Assembly, announcing on this occasion Romania’s plan to organize next year a regional seminar on electoral assistance abroad.

According to the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE), Cristian Diaconescu reaffirmed on Thursday Romania’s support for the consolidation of the Community of Democracies, so that this becomes an influential and strong process, capable to advance efficiently the cause of democracy worldwide.

Through its top diplomat’s voice Romania announced its plan to organize next year a regional seminar on the electoral assistance abroad, with the help of UN Electoral Assistance Division, as well as the proposal to organize an inter-regional debate, set to proceed to a comparable analysis of the democratic evolutions in Eastern Europe and Latin America.

20 years since the democracy was re-instated in Romania the country capitalizes on the accumulated experience in the process of the democratic transition, supporting similar processes under way in some other states.

Minister Cristian Diaconescu expressed Romania’s appreciation for the Community of Democracies initiatives as regards the role and participation of women in the democratic movements, as well as the democratic education.
Romania is an active member of this coalition of states for the global promotion of democracy and headed till Nov. 2007 the Regional working group on democratic governance.

The Community of Democracies Process (CD) represents a initiative of the US State Department, materialized in June 2000 through the organization of a first edition of the CD Ministerial Conference in Warsaw.

So far, the following Ministerial Conferences were organized and concluded with the adoption of some documents: in 2000, Warsaw – Declaration Toward a Community of Democracies (Warsow Declaration); 2002, Seoul – Democracy: Investing for Peace and Security (Seoul Plan of Action); 2005, Santiago de Chile – Cooperation for Democracy Commitment (Santiago Commitment); 2007, Bamako – Democracy, Development and Poverty Reduction Consensus (Bamako Consensus); 2009, Lisbon – Declaration of the Community of Democracies (Lisbon Declaration).

In 2005 four theme groups were created with the goal to elaborate strategies for the implementation of the Seoul Plan of Action and of the Santiago Commitment.

Within the Community of Democracies Romania coordinated an international mission of democratic assistance to Georgia (2005) and a sub-regional conference in Bucharest (2003), called the Partnership between governments, civil society and international organizations for democracy strengthening; as well, Romania acted starting Aug. 10, 2007 as president of the Working Group No. 3 (GL 3) on regional and inter-regional cooperation for a democratic governance, of the Community of Democracies.

Romania also initiated over 2000-2005 in the framework of the UN General Assembly and of the Human Rights Commission a series of resolutions on democracy, the rule of law and human rights.


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