Romanian ForMin appreciates attitude of Spanish authorities as regards integration of Roma

Adviser of ForMin on Roma issues Gelu Dragulin, has made a working visit to Spain, for getting into contact with the members of the Romanian Roma community, as well as for meeting with representatives of the Spanish authorities, informs the Romanian Ministry for Foreign Affairs, MAE, in a press release.

The Romanian official held meetings with representatives of the Regional Ministry of Immigration and Cooperation, with the underdelegate of the Government in Madrid and with the head of the Unit for the safety of citizens, as part of the Delegation of the Government, as well as with representatives of the Ministry of Labour and Immigration.

According to MAE, the Romanian side expressed its appreciation for the attitude of the Spanish authorities favourable to a good integration of the Romanian organizations, whose activity is aimed at the unfolding of projects to the benefit of the Roma community.

At the end of his visit to Spain, the representative of MAE had a working visit with the members of the Romanian Embassy in Madrid, of the consular section, Interior and work and social affairs attaches, in order to get familiar with the specific situations met at the site.

The work visit will continue to France and Norway, where the adviser on the Roma affairs who are in the European space (free movement, demarches regarding the liberalization of the access on the labour market, the granting of consular assistance, etc) and the elimination of those events going counter to the legislation in force in the respective countries.

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