Romanian Government hails investiture of new Government in Chisinau

Romania’s Government hails the investiture of the new Government in Chisinau, headed by Premier Vlad Filat and created as a consequence of setting up the Alliance for European Integration after the vote democratically cast by the citizens of the Republic of Moldova in the election on July 29, informs a release sent on Friday.

According to the above-mentioned source, the responsible assumption of the governmental mandate is an important step forward for the Republic of Moldova to the consolidation of the rule of law, democracy and human rights and for managing, in the interest of its citizens and in the best possible way, the current complex challenges in economy and social life.

„In the spirit of the good neighbourhood relations and the common qualities given by history, language, culture and traditions, we are reiterating our being open to re-launching bilateral cooperation, which should lead, as soon as possible, to concrete results obtained in the interest of the citizens on both banks of the Prut.

On this occasion Romania’s Government voices its full willingness to identify, as soon as possible, the priority projects and sectoral fields on the basis of the dialogue and the programmes of assistance and inter-governmental cooperation between Romania and the Republic of Moldova,” reads the release mentioned before.

In the same respect Romania will go on supporting the deepening of the relations of the Republic of Moldova to the European Union with a view to fulfilling the European aspirations of this state.

The Filat Government got the vote of confidence of Parliament on Friday.
Fifty-three deputies in the Alliance for European Integration voted for the investiture of the government headed by Vlad Filat, whereas 46 communist deputies were against it.


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