Special Committee for Real Estate Property Restitution meets

The Special Committee for Real Estate Property Restitution, which is mainly in charge with returning to the religious or to the national minorities their buildings confiscated by the former communist regime, on Thursday met at the headquarters of the National Authority for Property Restitution (ANPR).

According to a release of the ANPR to Agerpres on Friday, the Committee ahead of the meeting approved the solving of no less than 31 files.
Thus, there was approved the returning in kind of 13 buildings and there were made proposals for the compensation of other 32 buildings, in the case of which a returning in kind is no longer possible.

At the same meeting, the Special Committee approved the decisions in the case of some 68 files, 23 of which to be solved by return in kind and 32 by compensations.

Moreover, the Committee rejected 13 requests for restitution, with 46 such requests having been abandoned by the applicants themselves.
The ANRP Chairman Anca Opre headed the meeting. Participating were also Attila Marko, Secretary of State with the Department for Inter-ethnical Relations, the representative of the Secretariat General of the Government – in his quality as the Vice-Chairman of the Special Committee for Real estate Property Restitution, Rodica Constantinovici – Secretary of State with the Ministry of Justice and Citizen’s Liberties, Stefan Ionita, the Director of the Department for Religious Relations with the Ministry of Culture, Religious Affairs and National Patrimony, in his capacity as the member of the special committee for restitution.

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