Transparency International Romania asks for adoption of Pact on Justice

Transparency International Romania asked the three powers of the state to have the special parliamentary committee set up for this purpose to continue with the dialogue for the drawing up and adoption of the Pact on Justice, reads a release on Friday.

TI Romania, which was part of the Alliance for the Lawful State, along with Active Watch – Media Monitoring Agency, the Pro Democratia Association and the Centre for Juridical Resources, congratulated the three powers of the state for the conclusion on September 24 of the principles the Pact on Justice is to be based on.

The abovesaid source also specified that the principles were signed as following the ample protests of the magistrates approved at the General Assembly of the Courts and Prosecutor’s Offices, launched in June with the suspension of the magistrates’ activity for two hours on a daily basis and continued after September , with the ceasing of any juridical activity, except for such cases involving arresting.

TI Romania reminded that the civil society facilitated four meetings of negotiations with the representatives of the legislative, Executive and of the legal power, over September 17-23.
The debates focused on the independence of the Justice field, the financing of the system, the relation between the Justice and the other two powers of the state, the ensuring of a good management in the Justice field and also of the condition of the judges and their public image.

‘The joint efforts of the three powers of the state led to the identification of a set of unanimously accepted principles, based on which to be drawn up the Pact on Justice.
The assumption of these principles by the representatives of the three powers of the state creates also the premises for the democratic solving of the differences of opinion currently existing between the three powers.

Thus, the General Assembly of the Magistrates decided to stop the protests and resume the trials in court,which have been completely blocked for four weeks,’ IT Romania mentioned.
TI Romania also appreciated the maturity proved by the three powers of the state in identifying some viable solutions for restoring the supremacy of the lawful state, in observing and protecting the fundamental rights of the citizens.

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