Traian Basescu: interventions will be made to support healthcare system

President Traian Basescu announced, in Oradea (west), on Sunday, that during the coming weeks, interventions would be made to support the healthcare system that went short of its resources from taxes and the State had to intervene.

Starting from the prerequisite of the economic downturn, the Government’s major objective is to maintain the salaries, the pensions and the social security payments, ‘They will find minimal resources for intervention in the healthcare system as well,’ President Basescu said.

‘The crisis, like the litmus test, has shown that we have a state that consumes far too much, almost 30 percent of the state budget revenues are spent on the state apparatus, reasons why it is clear that it is inevitable to have the state bodies restructured, because they act as a brake on the positive development of the state itself,’ said President Basescu. He asked the mayors to stop waste and to manage the public money well.

A ‘less pleasant fact,’ President Basescu stressed, ‘was the fact that the salaries went up by 2.5 percent, at the central level, and by 15.6 percent, at the local level, during the first six months of the year.

‘Nevertheless, we are talking about a period of downturn and decency must work. It is true that many court sentences compelled some local administrations to pay the arrears to the employees. Rationalizing public expenditures is mandatory in 2010,’ President Basescu said.

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