Traian Basescu: Modernization of State means reform of Parliament

The modernization of the State does not mean only restructuring some governmental agencies, but it also means reforming the political class through a reform of the Parliament, President Basescu said in Oradea (west), on Sunday.

At the same time, Romania’s President stressed that Romania is no federal state and it neither tends to, in the context of the referendum he proposed on the unicameral Parliament.

‘We are not a federal state and we neither aim to, so that we should let one Chamber to deal with the Federation and the second with another activity,’ President Basescu said, during the meeting with the heads of the local public administration and the mayors in the Bihor County (central), on Sunday.

President Basescu motivated the requirement of the unicameral Parliament, numbering 300 parliamentarians, at most, through the Lisbon Treaty awaiting to come in force, at the level of the European Union, soon, and through which one Chamber of the Romanian Parliament shall be represented by the European Parliament.

‘It starts a very powerful process between the European Parliament and the national parliaments, a process of integration of the EU countries. We’ll have laws to be voted in Brussels, and to get immediately valid in Romania. The European Union becomes at the moment a co-decision¬maker,’ President Basescu said.

He added that the single vote had been enacted under public pressure, and he hopes his proposal for the unicameral parliament to be taken into account under public pressure as well.

‘I hope for a strong vote to be registered in favour of the simplification of the Parliament, so that the politicians had to revise the Constitution, afterwards,’ President Basescu concluded.

Last Thursday, on Sept 24, President Basescu requested the approval of the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies for organizing a referendum on the day of the presidential elections, on Nov 22, by which the Romanians should be consulted about setting up a unicameral Parliament with 300 members at most.

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