Traian Basescu on narrowing gaps between rural and urban environment

President Traian Basescu said in Oradea (west), on Sunday that given the numerous challenges regarding the Measure 322 on Village Renewal and Development, he would back up, both in Brussels and at home, the redistribution of the funds to supply the resources such projects require.

‘Mister mayors, I assure you, I’ll advocate the Romanian variant of the Measure 322, if we fail persuading Brussels in December, to see funds reallocation,’ President Basescu said during the meeting with the mayors and the heads of the county deconcentrated public institutions.

President Basescu stressed that both at the central and the local level, there were very few competences to attract structural funds, but from the information he was supplied he noticed there were very many projects, totaling 4 billion euros, lodged from the rural environment, under the circumstances that the EU allocated only 800 million euros.

Romania’s President stressed he would act at two levels, first in Brussels for the redistribution of the 32 -billion euro budget that Romania was allocated, and in case he fails, because it also depends on whether all the EU member countries agree, than it would be required the reallocation of the national budget, the same as in the SAPARD case.

‘Perhaps, we’ll do the same like with the SAPARD, when the EU funds were supplemented by the state budget money, so that part of the projects could go on, after the EU envelop ran out.

We’ll have to do the same, in case of the Measure 322, which is a mechanism aimed at narrowing the gaps between the rural and the urban environments,’ said Basescu.
Measure 322 is targeted at the rural development through accessing the EU structural funds allocated from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

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