Chinese DHS bike maker invests 20M euros in Romania

The Chinese DHS, one of the top five bike makers in Europe, celebrated in Deva (central Romania), last weekend the 10th anniversary of the opening of its first production facility in Romania, meanwhile the Company having expanded and invested almost 20 million euros in development. The Group expects to make over 400,000 bikes this year, with 130,000 to be sold on the Romanian market, while the rest is for export.

‘For you to imagine the Company’s development, since 1999 till now, I tell you that the number of employees has grown 20 times, while the investments in the equipment went up 30 times, the factory and the production spaces are 40 times larger, while the production increased one hundred times, comparatively with the first year,’ DHS President Niu Guanghui said.

According to him, the taxes paid to the Romanian state, during all these ten years, went higher than 10 million euros, while the market share of he DHS bikes in Romania grew from 10 to 75 percent, in 2009.
Given the world economic downturn, when the sales of bikes dropped by 15 percent at the national level, DHS preferred investing in modern equipment and training its staff.

‘We paid more attention to the management policy, we improved the work procedures invested in the latest generation equipment and had our managers trained. All this was aimed at increasing the capacity of defense against the crisis, in order to prepare the new development opportunities, so that when the economy recovers we should have a stronger image on the market,’ DHS official added.

In his turn, Loene Bertold, the president of the German Prophete Group holding 40 percent of the DHS shares, said that the Romanian workers are ‘very good and diligent’, mentioning that the adopted managerial policy would help the Company to overcome the economic downturn.

For 2010, the Chinese bike maker has established a strategy aimed at the development of its products range, in accordance with the market’s demand. The new concept refers to a new comfort at biking, more safety, higher reliability and practicality.

Likewise, DHS is holding advanced talks to start making a new bike to use a plug-in engine. DHS anniversary was celebrated, on Saturday, through the second edition of the Bike Fest, where 300 Romanian and European business partners were invited.

DHS was first set up in Petrosani (central), in 1999 as a small bike factory. Seven years later, the Company moved its hqs. to Deva, through an investment worth 6 million euros, in building 17,000 sqm of production halls. In the same year, 2006, the German Prophete Group bought the first package of 30 percent of the DHS stocks.

At present, DHS is among the five top bike makers in Europe with a developed market in Romania and in more 15 countries worldwide. DHS is the official partner of the Romanian Cycling Federation and offers the blue T-shirt to the best Romanian biker. DHS also supports the Romanian women gymnastics team and several educational programmes of the local community.

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