High Court suspends protests until October 31st

Magistrates with the High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ) on Monday have decided to suspend protests until October 31st.
„The decision to suspend protests, though not prompted by any concrete offer from the Govt, is exclusively motivated by the rights and best interest of defendants, who are affected by the prolongation of the protest action,” an ICCJ release reads.

According to ICCJ, „judges are aware that the numerous and serious problems facing the justice system, which have gathered in time, cannot be resolved until the set date but they will closely monitor any Govt initiative likely to reestablish people’s trust in the justice system, especially in the High Court of Cassation and Justice.”

The ICCJ magistrates have also said that, after this term expires, the general assembly will reassess the situation and decide accordingly.
The ICCJ judges on Monday have agreed on September 30th as th date to organize the drawing of jurors to make up the Central Election Bureau.

High Court magistrates on September 1st decided in general assembly to postpone all trials at the ICCJ, except for the urgent ones involving arresting and those regarding salary rights, which, according to the law, have priority.


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