Liberals prepare four simple motions

Vice-leader of parliamentary group of PNL (National Liberal Party) of the Chamber of Deputies Eugen Nicolaescu on Monday announced that the PNL aims to table four simple motions next month: on health, transport, agriculture and finance.

‘We decided that leaders of the group with the chamber together with leaders of the group with the Senate meet this week and decide the simple motions for the next month.
Three types of motions have emerged: a motion on transport, one on health and the other one on agriculture. The separate motion will be on finance. We are trying to prove that many shortcomings in the running of public institutions occur because of the Ministry of Finance, said Nicolaescu.

The liberal deputy explained that the calendar of the motions would be established next
As for a prospective censure motion, Nicolaescu said that liberals would establish a team to draw up the text of the motion, if it is be submitted.
‘Regarding the censure motion we established today, within our group, to meet this week with the management of the Senate’s group and together with them to establish the senators and deputies who will draw up a prospective motion of censure.

Next week the two groups will meet with president of the party to decide the opportunity, date, theme of the censure motion against this government which completely damaged people’s lives,’ said Eugen Nicolaescu.

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