Liviu Voinea: Political crisis to increase country risk and costs of foreign loans

The political crisis is likely to deepen the country risk and the costs of the loans accessed by Romania, said, on Monday, Liviu Voinea, executive director of the Group of Applied Economics, during a public radio broadcast.

„Unfortunately, Romania has now come to live from loans, and I think of the state more than of the private companies. But for both, the political crisis will lead to an increase in the costs of loans, notably of those in hard currency, ” said Voinea.

The economic crisis is far from having ended in Romania, and the measures taken so far have a strictly monetary component, they are making the crisis sustainable financially, it tries to finance the deficits, Voinea continued.

According to him, this are not measures that can take us out of the crisis, to lay the foundations of economic growth. We are waiting that the return of the economic growth take us out of the crisis, and the political instability will stress the country risk and will increase the costs of the loans accessed by Romania.


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