Minimum wage cannot exceede 650 lei, say employers’ associations

The minimum wage cannot exceeded 650 lei without seriously affecting the entire Romanian economy, says Ioan Cezar Coraci, head of the General Union of Industrialists in Romania (UGIR – 1903).

The National Confederation of Employers from Industry – CON PIROM and UGIR – 1903 say the unions’ wish to increase the minimum wage is justified, but likely to trigger serious imbalances in economy.

„The minimum wage cannot exceeded 650 lei (1 euro=4.19 lei) without triggering a chain crisis in the Romanian economy. This increase is already risky as it is, and in order to be supported calls for the recovery of the Romania economy,” CONPIROM president Vasile Turcu explained.
The two confederations urged trade unions to understand that forcing the authorities’ hand through protest actions cannot bring anything good for the real economy.

A salary rise, uncovered by economic growth will bring no real benefits to employees but only a larger sum of money which, because of inflation, would mean less in terms of purchasing power.

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