National Executive Board of PSD meets to discuss attitude as regards governing partners

The National Executive Committee of the Social-Democratic Party, PSD, met on Monday afternoon, at the central headquarters of the party, in order to talk about the attitude towards the ruling partners.

A first conclusion of the National Standing Bureau of PSD is the support of the minister of the Interior, vice-premier Dan Nica, the keeping of the political stability respectively. Also in the meeting of the joint parliamentary groups of the PSD reasserted has been the same position, although there are many Social-Democrats who would want the PSD to quit the governing.

„Some colleagues have been pro, some have been against, nevertheless we are content that we have keep the stability of the governing, in order to be able to take the money for the citizens, pensions and salaries. The morality of the PSD cannot be challenged in this respect.

As I have said in the past few months, PD-L has been concerned only with the Ministry of the Interior, because it is it that holds all the levers, the challenges, and anything a citizen can notify during the electioneering. The next 66 days are important for the PD-L for holding the Interior Ministry, ” said PSD deputy Valeriu Zgonea.

He mentioned that he will nevertheless observe the decision of the CExN of the PSD regarding a possible keeping at rule. At the same time, Zgonea said that there is a great discontent regarding a possible keeping at rule.

„There is much discontent for a long time. Very many colleagues have not filled the positions they have deserved – as the Protocol of the partnership for Romania wrote.

From my point of view, any minute we are at rule creates an image damage, but it is not me who decides, I obey the majority, I have come in a team, I am leaving in a team. If the PSD decides to stay, I accept this, if it decides to leave I am the first who is happy to leave a rightist rule that has been bad for the citizens and I don’t want to be part of Basescu’s game,” Zgonea also said.

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